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Yes we now cover Las Vegas & California along with Arizona


Plasti Dipping Kings Background

Plasti Dipping Kings offers mobile dipping service all over Arizona and now Las Vegas, Nevada and Southern California . Plasti dip is a product that goes on any surface like spray paint but can be reversed at anytime.

Plasti dip can protect your vehicles current paint & rims, and the best part about plasti dip is it peels right off without any chemicals or trouble at all. You can wash your vehicle like normal after just five days of dry time.

 Driving your vehicle is perfectly safe during this wait time as your vehicle becomes fully dry.  Plasti dip is also very durable and can withstand the elements of  mud, rain, snow and just about anything else you throw at your vehicle.

 We can plasti dip just about anything out there, ask us about what you would like plasti dipped.


Just A Couple Of Our Mobile Services

Full Vehicles

Plasti Dipping your full vehicle is cheaper then getting a paint job at any body shop.  We will match or beat anyone else prices out there that has a LLC and offers a warranty.

 Also when you plasti dip your vehicle it will protect your current vehicles paint and you can change colors at anytime.

Plasti dip can last two plus years without any fading, cracking or any other bad effects paint has. Call or text  us today and receive a quote and more details.

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When plasti dipping your taillights we apply a very light coat of black plasi dip that allows your rear lights to shine threw.

 We then apply a gloss to protect the first layer and make your lights really stand out. Plasti dipping your rear light is legal as long as you can see your lights at a safe distance.

Plasti Dipping Kings will no longer plasti dip the front lights of your vehicle. When plasti dipping the front lights it takes away too much light but this does not happen with the taillights.

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Our paint specialist can plasti dip your vehicles wheels on or off the vehicle.

When plasti dipping the rims on the vehicle we lay out materials to protect your driveway.

We also mask off any important elements that should not be painted such as your brakes and your vehicles paint.

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Auto Plasti Dipping

When you plasti dip your vehicle it will protect your factory paint from the hot sun.

This will  give you the opportunity to pick the color of the vehicle you have always wanted.

 Refresh your vehicle and pick your favorite color today.

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Rear/Front Lights Plasti Dipping

Plasti dipping your rear lights helps make your vehicle come all the way together and adds a aftermarket look.

When you plasti dip your rear lights you will still be able to see your lights at a safe distance with no issue.

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Plasti dip wheels phx

Wheel Plasti Dipping

Aftermarket wheels are very expensive and can burn a hole in your pocket.

Don't buy new wheels simply plasti dip your stock rims any color you would like.

We can make your stock rims look like custom ordered wheels. Save money and plasti dip them with Plasti Dipping Kings.

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